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About Mr. Abush Ayalew

This is a website of Dr Abush Ayalew who did his first degree in medicine from Addis Ababa University and his second degree in MBA from the USA based Lincoln university with a gold medal award through scoring straight A’s in all 15 major business, economics and finance subjects.

Dr. Abush is a certified management consultant, who got his certification in business consultancy from Ethiopia Management Institute in 2017. He has also got certification in the financial market from Yale University and a certificate in the stock market from western University college and Lincoln University combined.

Dr. Abush is awarded as an ambassador of good ethics by VECOD Ethiopia and also as an Ambassador of Peace from Universal Peace Federation, an affiliate of the UN.
Books Published by Dr. Abush

- A book on the “ABC” of entrepreneurship including business plan formulation and successful case stories.
Finance Management
- A book on basic finance, cash flow, and working capital management for small and medium enterprises.
- A book on the science of marketing and on the application of marketing techniques to build a successful and branded company.
Business Strategy
- A book on different competitive strategies for business to compete and become a leader in the market and superiorly profitable.
- A book on the philosophy of kaizen to be more efficient, more productive, and deliver quality goods and services to the satisfaction of customers.
Z Mind
- A book on how to be successful in our life by using our great mind and brain. It provides different psychological techniques for bigger and faster success.
Through sharing practical Entrepreneurship and business know-how and the latest information to the general public particularly to the business community, the platform will gear them to be competitive and successful.

Sharing knowledge and up to date information in finance fields like personal finance, business finance, and the stock market, it will build the financial literacy of audiences to achieve a financially secured life.
My vision is to be the leading business and finance information provider in Ethiopia and beyond.

Career Experience

Dr.Abush is the author of more than 15 bestselling books in health, psychology and also published 12 books in business and finance. He is an entrepreneur who founded the well-known “Medical” newspaper and magazine, a well-known media brand for the past 15 years.

Currently, Dr Abush Ayalew has consulted several high-level business companies in Ethiopia. Besides, through leveraging his rich experience and knowledge in success and business, he is sharing his know-how and experiences through a YouTube channel named “Dr Abush Ayalew”.

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